BOOBS and other stories… Until now my claim to fame (well in jazz circles at least) has been as a Juilliard-trained saxophonist, flautist and piccolo player (See ABOUT). Well, two years ago I decided it was time to settle down and find myself a nice solid job with a salary. For the musicians out there […]


Sax & Taps – with DeWitt Fleming Jr. I’ve been lucky to have had a fun and exciting career as a musician (see ABOUT), nothing has compared to the joy and exuberance of Sax & Taps with my duo partner DeWitt Fleming Jr. We crossed paths in Whitefish, MT while participating in shows with Alpine […]


Twenty years of Education… I was fortunate enough to grow up in a community that supported the arts in public education. A graduate of Hall High School in West Hartford, I developed a love for music and strong work ethic at a young age. My seriousness for the study of music began in my freshman […]