SORRY! A New Musical

SORRY!,  a new original musical comedy by multi-instrumentalist and producer Erica von Kleist will premier at Alpine Theatre Project in its first staged concert performance. With book, music, lyrics and orchestration by Ms. von Kleist, SORRY! is a story about a young woman in corporate America named Carly who struggles to find her sense of self-worth and confidence. She’s regularly ridiculed by her male co-workers for her giant breasts, but finds a friend in the cute barista at the local coffee shop who helps her realize that good guys exist. Her best bud Angela grapples with an overly religious mother, an abusive boyfriend, and learns some life changing news after an awkward but clinical appointment with a hot male gynecologist.

This production will feature several notable Montana-based actors, including award-winning filmmakers David Blair and Mikey Winn, as well as sportscasting legend Tony Hernandez. This show was originally conceived under the title “Boobs!” and was presented as a reading at The Tank in New York in March 2019. Since then the story has undergone revisions and features new songs and puppetry. Erica’s inspiration for the show comes from years performing as an orchestra pit member on Broadway (The Addams Family, Chorus Line, Gypsy), as well as having had experiences being a woman in the male-dominated jazz world.

Performances for SORRY! will take place at Alpine Theatre Project in Whitefish, MT on September 30th, October 1st and 2nd. For more information vist

“SORRY” from SORRY! A New Musical


BOOBS! is my original one-woman musical comedy act featuring me playing various instruments and singing my original songs.

Until now my claim to fame (well in jazz circles at least) has been as a Juilliard-trained saxophonist, flautist and piccolo player (See ABOUT).

I applied for a job in Montana, and believing that my qualifications were at least above-average,  I thought I’d at least get an interview. To my dismay, this organization was being run by mostly older white men with a patriarchal mindset and I was sent the ol’ “best of luck” email.

See, I’ve been a woman in a male-dominated field since I began playing music, which has never really bothered me. But at this particular moment I became furious at the status quo, and knew I was being denied something because of my gender. At this moment I had two choices: get on Facebook and have an embarrassing public meltdown OR start writing music about it. I chose the latter and boy am I glad I did!

Cue “BOOBS!” I began writing songs about all sorts of women-related topics: mansplaining, income disparity, boobs, menstruation, abortion, religion/politics, and body image. I’d play these songs for my friends in Montana and began to discover that I was actually funny! These songs snowballed into a full blown musical called SORRY! A New Musical

A friend of mine thought the show as great, but also thought that it could be done as a one-woman show with me at the helm. At first I thought, “NO, not ME? I’m not meant to play funny songs and sing them at the piano! I went to Juilliard Jazz and that is not what I do!” But upon further reflection, I decided that you never know if you’re meant to be a musical comic until you try so I said what the heck.

So here we go with this one-woman show filled with side-splitting debauchery and raw honesty. Click on the videos to learn more.