Donny & Kleist



Donny & Kleist is a perfect case of East meets West. Erica, a native of Connecticut and New Yorker of twelve years, and Don Caverly, a born and raised Montanan teamed up last year after Erica moved to the Flathead Valley. Now they are Northwest Montana’s premier jazz duo, and have been performing regularly in the valley at parties, restaurants, and festivals. The pair is functionally a “big band”, often playing ten instruments between the two of them on any given night, with Don on bass, drums, guitar and keys, and Erica on piano, alto sax, soprano sax, flute, alto flute, piccolo, wood flutes, and clarinet. You can learn more about Donny & Kleist on their Reverbnation page.


Jazz Theory is Cool!



In 2011 Erica self-published her book “A Cool Approach to Jazz Theory”, aimed at helping beginning improvisers grasp the basic concepts behind jazz chords and harmony. The book has started to close a gap in the theory market, and has given teachers worldwide a very useful tool they can use to teach their students basic jazz theory. Since its release, Erica’s book has been adopted as the main theory curriculum at several schools in the US, Canada and Cuba. In early 2014 Erica is planning on re-releasing her book with some changes, and will release a second book soon after. Visit for more information and to order a copy.



The Northwest Artist Syndicate

In February 2014, Erica launched the Northwest Artist Syndicate, an online database and booking agency for talent in the Flathead Valley. The company aims to create more awareness of arts in the Flathead Valley, and create more employment opportunities for artists here. Visit 




On March 23rd, 2014 Erica will be launching Groovetrail, a non-profit designed to send live music into schools, nursing homes, retirement communities, veteran’s homes, hospitals, and anywhere else where folks might not have access to live music. Visit for more information.