BUY TICKES HERE   One Night Only! Join three phenoms for an incredible night of music. DeWitt Flemming (tap dancing), Erica von Kleist (sax/piano) and Eric Krop (vocals) will converge in a night of musical mayhem not to be missed. Doors at 7:00, $15, and the Red Room is 21+.    

A Silent March

A Silent March   In the winter of 2016 our beloved Jewish community of Whitefish, MT became the victims of horrific anti-semitic online terrorism. Our town rose up to support our loved ones through this difficult time, but the scars run deep. “A Silent March” is a musical message that stands as an affirmation to […]

The MAC Band

I’m excited to announce an exciting new project based here in Northwest Montana. The Montana Artist Collective, or MAC Band is a Top 40 wedding cover band specializing in private events, parties, ceremonies, cocktail hours, and anything that rocks the party. The project features the best musicians from the state, while also integrating NYC and […]


It’s been three years since I recorded “Alpine Clarity”, my third studio album. For this project I commissioned Darcy James Argue to write a piece for Gerald Clayton and I to record together. Working on “Deke” and manifesting its reality was one of my most memorable experiences as a musician. I share it here with you… […]

I Teach Music.

I Teach. I Teach Music. Music is the voice of history, the outlet for the oppressed, the story of the disenfranchised, and the legacy of those discriminated against. Music has been and always will be the conduit through which life’s chronicles are passed, regardless of time period, economy or political climate. As a Music Teacher […]

Downbeat Magazine Critic’s Poll

I’m very honored to have been chosen as the “Rising Star” Flautist in this year’s Downbeat Magazine Critic’s Poll. I’ve been reading Downbeat since I was in high school, and have seen many prestigious names under various categories in the yearly polls. To be included among both my colleagues and idols is quite a privilege.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery…

The Sincerest Form of Flattery… For twelve years I lived in New York City, hanging tough through the daily grind as a self-employed jazz musician, schlepping instruments to and from rehearsals, gigs, shows, and promoting myself as best as I could among the din of millions of other talented musicians. As I entered my twelfth […]